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In study of English, the field that you must know and learn is grammar, because before we go through to other kind of study, this field is a basic. There’s many form of grammar, but I’ll explain from simple present tense first.

Simple present tense

We start with form and meaning of simple present tense.

  • Simple present tense express our habit, ex: “Taking bath” is a habit every morning.
  • If the subject is Singular 3rd person you must add (s) at the verb, ex : he runs from his home to school.

here some question for you to test how far you understand about this first course, find incorrect form from sentence

  1. She eat bread for breakfast.
  2. That motorcycle move faster than a car.

Are you already have an answer? notes that and click read more!

  1. She eats bread for breakfast.
  2. That motorcycle moves faster than a car.

Thank you for today! see you at next post



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