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Hallo! comeback with me in fun techniques, in this post i’ll explain a continue from last post, happy reading! 🙂

Simple present tense

1. Using frequency adverbs with be, spelling and pronunciation final -es, adding final -s/-es for word that final with Y

First, frequency adverbs follow the be (are, am, is), Example :

  1. He is always do some sport on holiday.
  2. We are usually do some sport on holiday.
  3. I am never do some sport on holiday.

Green lime is what called as Be, and blue aqua is what called as Frequency adverbs

*notes : frequency adverbs come after be and before verbs

Second, spelling and pronunciation of word that final with -es, you need to know that verb with ending -sh, -ch, -ss, and x must adding -es on the end, Example :

Spelling                                                           Pronunciation

  1. wash → washes                                         wash/‎ez/
  2. approach → approaches                      approach/ez/
  3. kiss → kisses                                              kiss/ez/
  4. fix → fixes                                                     fix/ez/

Third, in this course that must be notice by you is consonant and vowel, because there’s some differentiation about adding -s and -es on the end of word, ok let’s check example.

Consonant (alphabet except vowel)                          vowel (a, i, u, e, o)

  1. cry → cries                                                               pay → pays
  2. try → tries                                                             enjoy → enjoys

do you find the different?  Yes you’re brilliant, the differentiation is if the word was consonant, we can change the Y in the end with I and add -es, and for vowel we can add -s with no change with the end of the word.



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