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Simple present tense

For this time i’ll tell you about Irregular singular verbs that is has, does and goes. happy reading!

In this course we will learn about form of irregular from have, do, and go, before you read this you can go to your kitchen and grab some snack or drink because if you’re in a hungry tummy you’ll not absorb this course perfectly.

have, do, and go have a irregular form from 3rd singular person, do you remember it?, yes it is he, she and it.

have → has                     do → does                        go → goes

Example :

  1. I have a car.
  2. they do homework together.
  3. we go to school together.

Irregular form :

  1. he has a car.
  2. she goes to mall with her mother.
  3. she does her work.

that’s enough for today, thanks for your attention, and have a nice day! 🙂




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