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Using some and any, then differentiation between an and a, and using the, happy reading good people! 🙂

1. Some and any has same meaning but different in the use at form, some is use at affirmative statements and any is use at negative statement, example : Ani has some money (affirmative), Ani doesn’t have any money (negative), some and any are can use at question sentence, you can absorb this course? of course you can, because you’re brilliant!

Example :

  1. Dani has some money
  2. I don’t have any money
  3. Do you some/any money?
  4. Do you need any help?
  5. No, thank you. I don’t need any help
  6. Ken needs some help
  7. Anita usually doesn’t get any mail

*notes : any use at plural count nouns and noncount nouns

2. Differentiation about an and a

  • An/A is using in front of singular count nouns like a pen, a pen mean 1 pen it’s specific or count nouns.
  • An is use for words that begin with vowel, example : I have an idea (a, i, e, o, u)
  • A is use for words that begin with consonant, example : A dog bite some meat

3. Using The

For this course I’m gonna tell you just about characteristic of using the.

  • The is always use for same thing that you and other person think in mind, example : the wind, the cloud, the hand and many more.
  • The also use with singular count nouns, plural count nouns and noncount nouns.
  • And usually native speaker use the for second mention of noun, example : I have a pen, and the pen is blue, of course the speaker and listener will have same thing in their mind.

Any question for this course? If there’s some question you can comment at below of the site, thank you 🙂



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