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Hallo readers! how are you? I’m sure you are always accept many bless, this time i want to tell you about pronunciation, pronunciation is the way a word and a language spoken.

  In this  course I recommend you to listen to native speaker first, although you can’t follow the pronunciation but it’s good for know how they speak word by word.

Pronunciation is very important, when you speak in english exactly you must have a good pronunciation for tell what do you want to other, here’s some example for you to have a good pronunciation :

  1. Apple (epel not eipel)
  2. Sheep (syip, with the mouth close at the end)

You can click this link to read more about pronunciation

And here some video you can check ro improve your pronunciation well, go click this link!

Thank you for visiting my blog, see you on next post 🙂



an English education student that love sports, arts, musics, and many more. I am moslem, contact me if you want to ask information about this site

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