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How to Pronounce B and P

When you say the alphabet especially B and P. It have the sound  /bi:/ and /pi:/.

Now, how to pronounce B, you can practice with say some vocabulary that beginning with B, like this:

Best        Bus         Back

Buy         Break     Breath

Bread      Bank      Blink

Now, How to pronounce P, you can practice with say some vocabulary that beginning with P, like this:

Pull           Park            Pit

Please      Pride           Pet

Price         Purpose     Proud

Now, i give this video for you, to learn about how to pronounce B and P, let’s check it out !!

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1. Using someone, anyone, something and anything. Many people sometimes still confuse with this grammar, and here with me you’ll know characteristic about this courses, happy reading good people! 🙂 Continue reading “Grammar “